You know it’s been a wet winter in California when…

You have a plethora of mushrooms springing up all over your yard.


You realize you need to trade your car in for a hybrid, and you don’t mean between gas(petrol) and electric.   

You run outside to make a rain-man.

You’ve forgotten exactly how high the hills behind your house are.


You’ve been in your garden so little that the squirrels have undertaken to plant their own bulbs outside their burrow in your wall. (Not kidding – they planted these daffodils…I don’t know where the bulbs came from, but they didn’t get them from my bulb garden…)

You wonder why you decided to install those solar panels this winter – yeah great timing!

Your bulb garden is going gangbusters even though you can’t remember the last time you applied water to your yard.

You know you will have a riot of poppies come April.

You go on vacation to Taiwan and get dryer weather! More to follow on that…

Byddi Lee

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  1. Once again, such beautiful, detailed photos, Byddi. They make me look a lot closer at my own garden to see all the detail I'm missing.

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