Rejuvenation Book One

The Melter War has left the Earth’s surface devastated, leaving humanity to survive on what little land is left between the Scorch Zones and the rising oceans, where towering subscrapers dot the dystopian shore lines.

Bobbie Chan is a doctor caring for the ultra-elderly in one such subscraper when she notices a mysterious, new disease afflicting her patients; some show signs of age reversal before a catastrophic, and often fatal, cardiac arrest strikes.

Bobbie begins to wonder if she is witnessing a bio weapon in full force. A Melter attack? Are they destined to finish the war they started?

Bobbie begins a race against time to rescue the Rejuvenees and uncover their true enemy.

March to November

Five people. Eight months. Lives end. Lives begin.

March to November navigates the entangled points of view of Tracey Duggan and her circle of friends and foes in modern-day Belfast, Ireland as they struggle with bereavement, broken marriages, broken dreams and broken psyches.

All Tracey wants is a normal life. All she has, however, is violence and betrayal from those closest to her.

Can Tracey escape the pattern of destructive relationships that plague her? Will her new boyfriend Tommy decide to be right or be happy? Will her sister-in-law Molly find the strength to deal with her new situation? Will her brother, Dermot let go of his past and man up to his mistakes? Can Dermot’s lover, Sheila really have it all?

Belfast is not the city of bombs and bullets of their childhood, but it’s still full of trouble for these five as they alternately walk, run and stumble along the road toward a shocking finale.

Hiker's Journal

This journal is the perfect way to plan and record your hiking adventures.
Its combination of structured prompts and freestyle notes allows you to keep all the details of your hike in one place.
Additional unlined pages are perfect for sketching that idyllic view.
The check-list at the beginning will help you efficiently pack everything you need for each trip.
There is a section to record that inspiring social media post as the muse strikes, so you won’t forget it by the time you reach cell phone coverage.
It has a space to jot down the filename of your favorite photo, so you can easily find it later.
This journal also functions as a training tool to track your progress as your hikes increase in difficulty.
Create a timeless memoir of your adventure, so you never forget a moment.
Its compact, 5 x 8 inch size makes it easy to carry along.
The bright orange edging on the cover makes it easy to find in a pack and helps prevent it being left behind when you move on.
There are 25 hikes per book.
Useful for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and all Hiking clubs.

The Bramley

The Bramley is a collection of Flash Fiction stories that cover an eclectic range of genre and subject. This diversity ensures something for everyone. Like a good Armagh Bramley apple, this collection is sharp yet tasty, combining bitter with sweet to tantalize and awaken the literary palate.