Jumping into June

I’m pinching myself… have been for a few months now, because if I’m honest, I’m living the kind of ‘writerly’ life I always dreamed of. Okay, there’s no 5-book-deal with Penguin … yet … there may never be, but this June I’ll ticking a few items off the bucket list such as:

Reading at the inaugural TenX9 night in Armagh on 6th June in the Market Place Theatre. So I’ll be telling a very true and very embarrassing story about something daft that I did while living in Paris. It’s above and beyond my usual daft, and I was so embarrassed by it that this story has never made it to the blog. It took months before I could even tell My Sister … and now, God help me, I’ve committed to getting up on stage and confessing the whole sorry (but ridiculous) tale to the whole of Armagh. What am I thinking?

If you have a story to tell, do check out their website http://www.tenx9.com/

Next week, a play that I’ve co-written is being staged for four nights running and is completely booked out. It’s been a pure joy to watch the producer, the wonderful Margery Quinn, sprinkle her magic on the script to bring out the best in our talented and hard-working cast. I’m just in awe of all of them and so grateful to everyone for that special something they have all brought to this production – absolute stars!

On the afternoon of 14th June, I’m going to slip away from the play shenanigans and appear on a panel in the Belfast Book Festival discussing how Science Fiction mirrors real life and gives us a safe place to explore the big issues. For more information click this link

Flash Fiction Armagh is delighted to announce it’s line-up of readers for Flash Fiction Solstice Eve on 20th June 2019 at 7 pm upstairs in Mulberry Bistro.

Kerry Buchanan Angry Mountain
Lorna Flanagan Uncle Dan
Mariread Breen Never Again
Gaynor Kane Home: A Haibun
Eileen Griffiths Afterwards
Mark Brownlee James Bond in Ireland
Brendan Magee Living Up to the Name
Rosemary Tumilty Summer Solstice
Jay Faulkner The Good Boy
Trish Bennet Time Zoned
David Braziel The Book Tower
Réamonn Ó Ciaráin The prophecy must be fulfilled – An excerpt from Cúchulainn, Ulster’s Greatest Hero

On 21 June I’m thrilled to have been asked to run a workshop in the Talfeta Festival. For details check out their website

Busy but fun… hopefully catch you at some of these!

Byddi Lee