Tassagh, County Armagh – A Pretty Fine Day

I’ve heard Tassagh Road, in County Armagh described as the prettiest road in Ireland. 
It was an easy claim to believe with it’s  rich green fields…
burbling steams…
and majestic Viaduct.

My friend took us there for the day. She’s the friend I’ve known longest in my life – we met on the first day of primary school, sat beside each other and became best friends. You could say she is my First Best Friend Forever – FBFF! She married a Hairdresser From Keady (HFK!) and was one of the first of our gang to walk down the aisle. I love hanging with them – they are the poster children for getting married. Three kids and a lifetime later they are still sweet and funny with each other. When we get a chance to meet up nowadays the years in-between melt away. Or perhaps they’ve been using the DeLorean to time travel…

This DeLorean drove past as as were were taking pictures of the Viaduct. HFK was yelling at My Husband to turn around and look at it. My Husband didn’t hear us and missed the whole thing!

HFK grew up in this neighborhood and FBFF “immigrated” here when they got married. Us Ballymacnab girls had a “friendly” rivalry with Keady back in the day! Not quite Sharks and Jets, but not far off it! But even though it’s Keady, I have to hand it to HFK, he has every reason to be proud.  Tassagh is very beautiful. It was a great place to be tourists for the day!

They’re still a bit old fashioned in this neck of the woods – you might still find a few shillings tucked away in a person’s “Holy Communion Money,” so this fine could still be paid!

The highlight was lunch at Basil Sheils.


This restaurant/bar/inn is simply an adorable setting for great food… 

 …or a nights craic.

I love the detail in the charming decor.

And the feeling that you were having lunch in a cosy home!

It would be an idyllic weekend retreat (I’m thinking “writers retreat”?) The owner allowed us to view the overnight accommodation they provide. There’s a self-catering option. I mean, seriously, how cute can a kitchen be?

And the bedrooms were gorgeous…

… and so cosy!

Outside you could sit by the river and take in the creative flower displays!

We were lucky to get a beautiful day too top it all off.

Afterwards FBFF and I took My Husband and HFK on a tour of our old stomping ground – the beautiful Segahan Dam. My writing group will recognize this scene from my next (written but as yet unpublished) book. FBFF and I spent many’s a Sunday afternoon up here… no Pokemon Go or Shopping Mall’s for us back in the day!

Funny how it looks smaller than I remember it – but then I suppose since those days I’ve seen other larger Dams like Shasta and Hoover Dams… They may be more impressive but certainly not as pretty!

And the water, clean, tasty, and above all, plentiful.
Byddi Lee