All Kinds of Specials

Today’s post has not one, not two, but three special announcements to do with books… but first of all Happy Halloween!

1st Special Announcement

Halloween is a really special time in my book March to November. To avoid spoilers I won’t tell you why, but I have the book on special offer on Kindle from now until November 2nd, the day the book finishes, so please, use the link below and go have a look for yourself. You can also gift kindle books to your friends – a great time to stock up for the holiday season.

And when they check the price after the November 2nd and it’s gone back up they’ll think you are really generous!

2nd Special Announcement

Inspired by a request last month to post an author-signed copy of March to November as a birthday gift, I came up with the idea of doing that for Christmas/Holiday gifts. If you contact me via my website contact page or email address,we can decide what will be written inside the book. I’ll sign it and ship it anywhere in the USA for only $15, that’s FREE SHIPPING for the month of November, a saving of 25%. And I’ll be doing all the running around and posting of your pressys! One less thing for you to do in the run up to Christmas…

3rd Special Announcement

I’ve just published a new book! It’s not a novel – I’m still working on the next one. To buy one just click on the picture.

It’s a Hiker’s Journal – a book where you do the writing. It’s the perfect way to plan and record your hiking adventures. It has a combination of structured prompts, freestyle notes and additional unlined pages are perfect for sketching that idyllic view. There’s a place for emergency contacts and medical information. The check-list at the beginning will help you efficiently pack everything you need for each trip. There is a section to record that inspiring social media post as the muse strikes, so you won’t forget it by the time you reach cell phone coverage. It has a space to jot down the filename of your favorite photo, so you can easily find it later.

This journal also functions as a training tool to track your progress as your hikes increase in difficulty.
Its compact, 5 x 8 inch size makes it easy to carry along. The bright orange edging on the cover makes it easy to find in a pack and helps prevent it being left behind when you move on. There are 25 hikes per book. It’s a handy resource for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and hiking clubs for all age groups.

Create a timeless memoir of your adventure, so you never forget a moment and it makes a great present for the hikers in your life too.

So now you’ve bought all those books, I have one last request – 

When you’ve read the book please give it an honest review on Amazon. Reviews on Amazon are really important to the authors “find-ability” especially for us independently-published authors who don’t have the heft of the big publishing houses behind them. Getting exposure is a daily grind for us. It’s rumored that if you can get more than 100 reviews on Amazon that they will start to promote your book by suggesting it to other readers. That’s my goal. Right now I have 47 reviews on the US site and 18 on the UK site. Unfortunately they won’t amalgamate them, so I’m working on drumming up more…

However, I refuse, point blank, to pay for  reviews. The internet is full of such offers and while it’s tempting, right now Amazon is cracking down on that and rightly so. Besides, I want honest reviews – If I get 5 stars, I want to know they are real. If I get only 1 or 2 stars I’m a big enough girl to know that not everyone is going to like every book out there (though I dread the day that happens!)

So please consider posting your review – it doesn’t have to be long – one line will do, and we authors really do appreciate it.

Byddi Lee