Flash Fiction at Long Meadow Cider Company

This event was cancelled due to Industrial Action. ABC council workers are striking for fair pay.

The apples are ripening, a sure sign that it’s coming up to Food and Cider Festival time of year again in Armagh. Long Meadow Cider Company are our hosts this year. They have a stunning range of award-winning ciders and their apple cider vinegar is a staple in my pantry. Have a look at their website for tours, information and online shop. And of course, come to our event where you’d get a chance to sample the ciders and tasty locally produced snacks all included in the ticket price of £15.

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading the submission for our event. Such wonderful stories made it tough to pick only ten for the event, but we managed it, and I know you’ll love the selection. It is always a privilege to read the submissions, and humbling too.

We are delighted to present the following writers at Flash Fiction at Long Meadow Cider Company on 8th September 2022 at 7 pm.

 In no particular order, congratulations to:

Amy Elkheart, Dog Eat Dog

Tim Hanna, The Shooter

Jane Searle, The Number 22

Tanya Mc Ginn, In the Shadow of the Castle

Henry Hudson, The Bus

Emma Kane, All Grown Up

Brenda McAteer, Reflections

Malachi Kelly, The Cat, The Fox and The Car

Michaela Mc Daid, When Everything is Different

Ellen McKenna, Life Goes On

Please come and enjoy the tastes of County Armagh and support local businesses and writers. You can get your tickets here.

Supporting local businesses, especially in times like these, helps to keep our community strong. Here’s an example… I was getting physiotherapy for a shoulder injury earlier in the year. The physiotherapist asked me what I worked at. When I said I was a writer, she bought my books. I used the money from that to help pay for yoga sessions locally. So in effect, she supported two local businesses…and perhaps, with her income from yoga, the yoga instructor bought locally too…

Anyway, just a wee thought to chew on until the apples ripen!

See you at harvest time,