Guest Post By Malachi Kelly

It’s great to welcome Malachi Kelly to guest blog and cheer us all up in these strange times. Malachi is a playwright, poet, Flash Fiction writer, Open Mic host and Amdram actor. His work is widely published and loved by all. Over to you, Malachi…

Thanks to an invite from big-hearted Byddi to share her blog page, (as there are none left in Lidl) I can air this ode to rubbish any suggestions that men are poor sufferers or patients.

The Man That Never Complains

By Malachi Kelly

My ears are really throbbing
And my chest is very tight
My head is splitting apart
And I’m really off me bite

I fear I am smitten by this Covid19 flu
That would floor the very best of us
But I’m not complaining to you

I won’t take potions and pills
Nor sympathy as I suffer
For a man that suffers in silence
Cannot be called a bluffer

No, I’m not complaining
Of the pains and aches I feel
Or the dry, sore throat
That would make any woman reel

I’m keeping it to myself
The obvious symptoms that pertain
Like my loss of manly strength
While in this bed I remain

And I’ll not be bothering my GP
Nor receptionists at the Clinic
Though I’m suffering, there’s worse off than me
I’m dammed if I’ll be called a cynic

And as the world ‘casts a cold eye’
While my temperature soars and wanes
Will that ‘Horseman pass by’
This man that never complains.