The Keys to Living in France

It’s Paris. It’s complicated. Yup – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, most likely…. But all things can be figured out…

Like the time we bought a new keyboard.

We left our old one in San Jose because I wanted a European one with money symbols on it for real money like £ and € and not just dollar signs. Other things, like quotation marks, where in the wrong place too, but over time I’d gotten used to that. It was the money signs I wanted…

So we went shopping. Strangely enough, electronics shops had been one of the first types of shops we’d sussed out here. That’s what comes of being married to a nerd! (And of being one myself, if truth be told.) 

We sourced a keyboard and brought it home only to discover some of the keys were not were I expected them to be. Not quite a qwerty keyboard – or rather – ?ore q azerty keyboqrd:::

I tried to use it on the French setting but kept typing q instead of a, which became quite frustrating. There was however a USA setting… which left me right back where I’d started, except the keys were labeled differently for a handful of keys and some that my fingers didn’t know how to find by themselves. It was enough to drive me batty!

But I found a solution to the problem.

Now everyone who sees my keyboard (my study is just a desk in the living room) wants to know the story of the weird looking keyboard!

I’m such a nitwit really! Should have kept the other keyboard…

Byddi Lee