Welcome to Grand Central Station

I remember feeling so guilty when I first started to pull out the old lawn, privet and ivy garden. I felt as though I were ripping away habitat for so many little critters. But now that the native garden has had time to grow in, it is busy, busy, busy with all sorts of creatures bustling around in it.


I sat watching a humming bird feed from the Cleveland Sage for ages from the air-conditioned comfort of my home-office.

A house finch with his cheery red head and breast has set up home in the eaves overlooking the garden with his partner, a dowdy brown bird, as is the feathered friend way.

Somehow I don’t think his building is quite up to code yet!

I’m just happy to have them enjoy my native garden. Oh, did I say “my native garden?” Well judging by the stance of this little guy I reckon he thinks he owns the garden.

Equally ownership could be claimed by the gazillions of lizards, seen usually as a flash of movement out of the corner of your eye as you move through the garden. Cute and quick they may be but quiet they ain’t – boy, can they make those leaves rattle and your ticker quicker!

The air is thick with the buzz of bees, busy visiting every blossom they find.

This bumblebee is completely wrapped up in his work with the desert willow.

And the Hookers evening primrose is a big hit with the honey bees.


 The coyote mint not only smells good but it looks great too.

 The rosy buckwheat is a gorgeous hue of dusky pink.

 The Scarlet Penstemon, another favorite of the hummingbird, is only just beginning to unfurl.

And clarkia that reseeded itself from last year is vibrant and bright.

The more delicate chaparral clematis has grown in leaps and bounds, covering my fence. 

Its pretty white flowers will be quite a show.

The blue flax is also quite delicate, green with a mist of blue flowers.


The mugwort is promising to bloom. I’ve not seen these blossoms yet – I’m curious…

 And perhaps this is what all the new inhabitants are really waiting for – the Rodgers red grapes!

I know I am! Hardly enough to make a bottle of wine though, but of course, that’s why God made Costco!
Byddi Lee

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  1. You have lovely natives indeed! – animal as well as vegetable. I love that rosy buckwheat – and the clematis – wow. I haven't had much success with it so far – I might have to try again!

  2. What a lovely pictures. It is a great pleasure to such beautiful nature photos. But some of the people are not that much fond of the nature. What we hear,see and experience, being done to the nature some times hurt you.

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