Too mulch of a good thing!

Wow! Friday again – last week simply flew in.  That’s what happens when you become engrossed in a  project.  My week was a whirl of sleeping, shoveling, eating and more shoveling.  My aim was to have the wood chip pile completely dispersed before my husband came back from his ten-day long overseas business trip.  Of course, he stumbled through the door dazed with jet lag and lack of sleep and didn’t even notice!  Que protrusion of bottom lip…  However next day, after a nights sleep, and with daylight now on his side, he did the required oh-ing and ah-ing and told me how wonderful I was!

On Wednesday, I was on the telephone with my Godmother in Ireland. (As a little girl I was convinced that she was THE Fairy Godmother from Cinderella, because she is beautiful, and back then, had waist length straight blond hair – which I wanted also.) Next thing, it started to RAIN – in September – in California!  I was shocked and she couldn’t quite grasp my amazement – well, she was in Ireland – where rain is no rarity.  It didn’t rain much but it was enough to soak the ground and have cars put on their windshield wipers.  Everywhere I went for the rest of the day, it was all anyone could talk about!

So now we have the lawn out of the front yard, the raccoons seem to think it’s time to start working on the back lawn.

One half is dead, all dried up.  Of course, the raccoons left that part alone and began the back lawn conversion with the good healthy side!  Not that I’m going to let it bother me – after all – We didn’t come here for the grass…!

But that work can wait – I’m all shoveled out for now and need a break.  I also need to pay attention to the vegetables which need harvested and cleared out.

So, I think I’ll leave you with some before-and-after front garden shots – of course, I still have to add the plants – I’ll do that in October when the rains come – if they haven’t already started!

March 2010
September 2010

March 2010
September 2010
March 2010
September 2010

7 replies to Too mulch of a good thing!

  1. I look forward to photos of the planted garden. It is gratifying when your spouse sees the effort you put forth, isn't it?

  2. You have made some wonderful improvements to your garden. I can't believe how destructive raccoons can be!
    Thanks for linking in. Have a great weekend and take a well-deserved break!

    I like the story about your grandmother!

  3. Everything is magical when our a kid, especially a godmother! That made me smile! You've done a lot of hard work!

  4. Wow! I'm so impressed. We had to distribute a much smaller pile of wood chips, and I could have never done it without my husband. Great thing, though, to get it done before the real rains, and before the weeds are starting up.

  5. Wow Byddi, you've made wonderful progress on the front yard. I've shoveled some seemingly endless barrow loads of mulch in day, and know how much hard work that was. It's a shame you couldn't get the raccoons to work with you, helping with clearing plants you didn't want though. It's so hard to get good help these days 😛

  6. Wow, you've done a lot of work – how exciting to plan and plant now!

  7. Oh wow, you've done a lot of work! That is a lot of mulch indeed!

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